Adair Daniels

Adair Daniels

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Adair Daniels is a young US-based futurist, entrepreneur, and physics student focused on space-based potentials. As a futurist, he is the founder of Futurist Edge – a website providing an edge on the future, in business, and in life. He's published A Method for the Madness, a work detailing his futures research method, Qualitative Futures Squares. He has been featured in The Future of Business with his chapter of Space-Based Solar Power and Wireless Power Transmission. His overall futurism goals are to help the public understand the cutting edge of scientific and technological developments, while leading the charge to establish humanity as an interplanetary species.

As an entrepreneur, Adair Daniels is currently designing a personalized hub experience for every internet user. This hub will create a unique web for every person, connecting the internet in new and unique ways. It is seamlessly a platform for social media, news, blogs, and the rest of the internet. In the future, he hopes to get into the private space race by establishing a variety of space-based businesses. He also seeks to provide a way for the public to directly interact with space.

As a physics student at Portland State University, Adair Daniels is seeking to understand the most fundamental mysteries of the universe. Focusing on theoretical physics and cosmology, he hopes to help establish a unified theory of physics and to further study phenomena such as dark matter and black holes.

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