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Futurist Edge utilizes developments in futurist thought, cutting edge science and technology, and online learning to provide readers with an edge on life. Futurism is the beating heart of the site. Topics are from multiple different bodies of futuristic thought, from the singularity to transhumanism. Examples include biological longevity, artificial intelligence, and space colonization. The cutting edge of science and technology is the bond that holds Futurist Edge together. Topics are from every relevant field of science, as well as any relevant technology. Some examples are theoretical physics, biomedical engineering, and neural networks. Self improvement is our driving force. As such, we cover topics encompassing various ways to self-educate online. Examples of this are Ivy League courses that you can find online for free, reasons to learn programming online, and skills to learn for an automated future.

Founded by futurist Adair Daniels originally as Seize My Future, Futurist Edge aims to cover the most pertinent, powerful information in the digital nexus. It is the core belief of the team that a functional knowledge of futurist thought, cutting edge science and technology, with the drive for self improvement allows a person to have the foundation to have an edge on the future, in business, and for life.

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