method for the madness

Introducing Qualitative Futures Squares

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An Intro to Qualitative Futures Squares The Qualitative Futures Square (QFS) is a method of formulating a futures hypothesis. Like a general scientific hypothesis, a futures hypothesis is a starting point in investigating a futures possibility. The QFS is a flexible tool, capable of being the first stepping stone in analyzing futures for industries, technologies, more »

top 5 space businesses

What Are the Top 5 Space Businesses Coming Soon?

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Top 5 Space Businesses Coming Soon The Current Face of Space Business At the moment, space businesses are generating revenue through serving government agencies. SpaceX makes money by delivering cargo to the International Space Station for NASA, and through other government contracts. At the moment, there’s no other real feasible way of making money as more »


Germ Seeding the Universe

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Germ Seeding the Universe What is Germ Seeding? So, envision this future with me real quick. Far into the future, we’re still butting heads with the light-speed barrier. We simply can’t colonize effectively. Unfortunately, we still haven’t found life elsewhere in the Universe and aren’t sure it’s even there. Disaster threatens the human race, and more »