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A Method for the Madness: An Intro to Qualitative Futures Squares

A Method for the Madness: An Intro to Qualitative Futures Squaresis the first book in the Navigating the Madness: Futures Studies series. Launched on May 16th, 2016 the book is priced to be accessible: $2.99 for the Kindle edition and $7.99 for print. Read below for a full description of the book.

Predicting the future accurately is incredibly difficult. The future is always changing, and there are an infinite number of possibilities. However, this does not mean that we can’t make meaningful predictions. The Qualitative Futures Square is a tool to hone and direct an attempt to predict the future. Designed as a tool for a single researcher, it also shines when utilized as a tool to lead group brainstorming.

A Method for the Madness: An Intro to Qualitative Futures Squares first provides a brief introduction to futures studies, an emerging field that boasts dignitaries such as Ray Kurzweil and Michio Kaku. Next, it covers the issue inherent in creating a "futures hypothesis", a tool from which to begin futures research, which unlike a standard hypothesis must address multiple possible futures.

Then, the book launches into an exploration of the Qualitative Futures Square as a method of creating a futures hypothesis, as well as how its flexible and malleable nature provides an easy framework for a researcher to make cohesive, useful predictions for the future. While designed as a tool for forming futures hypotheses, it's equally useful for creating adaptive goals, especially in a business environment. With its built-in addressing of the probabilistic nature of the future, goals cemented utilizing the QFS already have answers for favorable/unfavorable changes.

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Mars Journey: Call to Action: Book 3

The third book in the Mars Journey: Call to Action series, it continues the story of Brent Carlson. After the suspicious death of his wife, Brent Carlson, a brilliant but disgraced former astronaut, is called upon to lead a dangerous international mission to Mars, before a powerful mega corporation gets there first and claims the Red Planet for itself.

"The secretive Mobius Syndicate are back with a vengeance in the third Mars Journey: Call to Action novel, but so is Brent Carlson. Having shaken off much of his earlier stupor over loving the one person in the world that meant the most to him, Carlson demonstrates just how dangerous the mind of an astrophysicist can be. Equal parts intrigue and action, the book has a visceral appeal that's rather refreshing."
-- Adair Daniels, futurist, founder of Futurist Edge, and author of A Method for the Madness.

Now actively fighting off those responsible for Shayla's death, Brent Carlson is finally ready to believe in something again - his wife's dream of an international cooperative mission to Mars. While the outlook for the Journey vessel starts to appear guaranteed, the chances for the crew aiming to go to the ground are down in the dumps.

Mars Journey: Call to Action: Book 2 is the epic adventure of Brent Carlson attempting to realize his wife's dream, while constantly fighting off ghosts both from the past and those trying to attack him in the present.

The Mars Journey series delves into the science, technology, drive, and determination of the human spirit to come together to overcome our greatest challenges, explore space, and become the first martians to colonize the Red Planet.

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FutureScapes: The Future of Business

Adair Daniels is the author of the chapter Space-Based Solar Power and Wireless Power Transmission with the Future of Business, a work by over 60 futurists. The ebook edition is $15.95 and the paperback is priced at $27.95. Read more about it here.

Adair Daniels (credited as Devin Daniels) is the author of the chapter within The Future of Business, Space-Based Solar Power and Wireless Power Transmission. In it, Adair discusses two main topics, space-based solar power and wireless power transmission. It begins with an overview of space-based solar power and its individual promise. Next to be examined is wireless power transmission, and the reason that it’s necessary for the technology to advance for space-based solar power to be an effective technology for Earth based power needs.

After these technical aspects are dealt with, the disruptive potential of wireless power transmission is examined. Included are aspects that deal with power abundance enabled by space-based solar power. Then, it’s onto the business opportunities that are enabled by space-based solar power. Addressed are both for-profit and non-profit avenues.

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