Futurism Meets SciFi : Interview with Bill Hargenrader

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Futurism Meets SciFi: Interview with Bill Hargenrader

The SciFi

This interview comes shortly after the third release of Mars Journey: Call to Action: Book 3 on April 13th, which you can find here. In the Mars Journey Series, Brent Carlson, a brilliant but disgraced former astronaut, is called upon to help lead a seemingly impossible international mission from Earth to Mars. Their primary directive is to become the first human pioneers to set foot on Martian soil and begin colonization of the red planet.

Bill Hargenrader is the bestselling author of the near-future science fiction thriller – Mars Journey: Call to Action. When Bill was 8 years old, he was wrongfully committed to a mental institution for 3 years due to an unfortunate course of events. Bill turned to reading Stephen King and the Hardy Boys series as an escape, and when he was 13 he began writing his own stories of heroes fighting villains and overcoming incredible odds. Now Bill is a US Army Veteran, a Fortune 500 cybersecurity and innovation strategist, and a successful entrepreneur. He draws upon his technical expertise and experiential living to bring life to his characters and stories.

Bill has been featured in CIO, the Huffington Post, and the Washington Post, and is the author of the Mars Journey series. The series is a near-future epic story that charts humanity’s progress as we band together to leave Earth, journey through the depths of space, and set up the first human colonies on Martian soil. The series delves into the science, faith, and determination of the human spirit to come together to overcome our greatest challenges.

Visit Bill at his site.

The Futurism

Adair Daniels is a US-based futurist, entrepreneur, and physics student focused on space-based potentials. As a futurist, he is the founder of Seize My Future – a website serving as a guide for those who wish to stay updated on the cutting edge of life. He has been published in The Future of Business with his chapter of Space-Based Solar Power and Wireless Power Transmission. His overall futurism goals are to help the public understand the cutting edge of scientific and technological developments, while leading the charge to establish humanity as an interplanetary species.

As an entrepreneur, Adair Daniels is currently designing a personalized hub experience for every internet user. This hub will create a unique web for every person, connecting the internet in new and unique ways. It is seamlessly a platform for social media, news, blogs, and the rest of the internet. In the future, he hopes to get into the private space race by establishing a variety of space-based businesses. He also seeks to provide a way for the public to directly interact with space.

Visit Adair at his site.

Futurism Meets SciFi – The Meeting

Join us April 16th at 2pm ET/11am PT to watch the livestream. We will be taking live questions. Follow this link to the YouTube page directly, or watch the embedded stream below. We hope to see you there!


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